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Thank you for an excellent job in helping me prepare for my California Broker Exam. You deserve 10 stars (out of five!). From the outset the professionalism, attitude, attention to detail and most especially learning vital concepts exceeded expectations. Your knowledge and expertise guided me through the California Real Estate Broker Prep Exam. I could not be happier with the outcome. This is the much awaited Golden Ticket for everyone in this line of business. Once again, my sincerest thanks to you Coach Ian Medina for attaining this prestige. Not only have I acquired a great mentor, but also a friend.

Independent C.

Temecula, CA


Ian is an expert in the real estate business. He is very knowledgeable about real estate terms and vocabulary. He took his time tutoring me, especially the times I wasn't focused. He never gave up. He even tutored me the day before my exam which was very helpful. He pushed me and would not allow me to give up. He wanted me to believe that I could pass and I did. I am forever grateful to Ian. This is a new chapter in my life. Ian, you were a huge help and I admire your passion to help others. Keep up the good work. You are making dreams come true.

Regina P.

Dallas, TX


Ian had a huge role with me passing my real estate test exam! Thank you!

Roya P.

Porter Ranch, CA


Thanks to Ian Medina, I passed the CA Real Estate Salesperson Exam (today) on my first try.

Ian Medina is a magnificent and very knowledgeable instructor. His approach to instruction shows his compassion for teaching and the love of real estate. He made understanding the material fun and easy. I wish I could have participated in one of his live sessions. His knowledge of real estate (theory, history, law, appraisal, etc.) is unsurpassed.

I have dubbed him, Ian 'The Magnificent'. I would love to meet Ian in person one day. When it comes to real estate prep, Ian is the best!

Thank you so much Ian 'The Magnificent' Medina.

Douglas T.

Pasadena, CA


I am so glad I found Ian! I was in the midst of opening my own brokerage and found myself with little time to prepare for my Broker's exam. The knowledge that Ian was able to convey to me in 4 days was invaluable to my passing. He truly enjoys everything Real Estate and has an abundance of personal experience he is able to draw on to make the material relatable. Going through the material with Ian was more like having a conversation with an old friend than merely a teacher student relationship. If you are unsure about your test prospects Ian is more than worth the expense!

Alexander S.

Sherman Oaks, San Fernando Valley, CA


Ian is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, engaging, and makes the studying process for the real estate exam fun! I would not have been able to pass the exam without his efforts and support. Ian is the best in the game!

Demetra C.

Los Angeles, CA


Today I passed my California real estate license exam and that was all thanks to you, Ian! I am so relieved! There are so many prep courses and options available out there, but believe me you don't need to look any further! Between Ian's study guide and the tutoring session we had the day before the exam, I was well prepared! Ian instilled in me all the confidence and knowledge I needed to walk into the examination with absolute confidence. I am beyond thrilled with my experience and would highly recommend Ian's services to anyone. He's incredibly kind, patient and knowledgeable on every aspect of what need to know to pass the California real estate exam.

Melissa S.

Los Angeles, CA


Words can't even describe how thankful I am To have found Ian.  Let me tell you there is NO BETTER TUTOR than Mr. Medina his expertise and knowledge in real estate are enough to rub off on you and stick to your brain to the point when you go to take that Exam; all you will hear is Ian's voice. Real estate will be coming out of your pores!!!

He has a gift of teaching and breaking things down in more understandable terms according to your personal needs. (meaning if it's just not clicking) he will find a way to make it click in your brain... During my tutor session, I frequently used " oh, I get it now!.... A lot of people don't have that ability. That's why he is the GOAT when it comes to  real estate prep. He will OVER PREPARE YOU, trust me! I just passed and still can't believe it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Iyana M.

Los Angeles, CA


Ian is super helpful and knowledgeable and willing to go beyond to help you with anything you need. He has material to prep you with the test and this place has a high percentage of people passing in their first attempt. Highly recommend Ian.

Sandy K.

Tustin, CA


I just passed my real estate exam yesterday and I am so glad I found IAN! I learned of Ian through word of mouth! His services are great. I had tutoring on a one-on-one basis. We used zoom. He was so patient and took his time while minding where I was in my learning processes. His tools solidified the material for me. Without Ian, my studying would've taken a route off the rails, and I thank him for keeping me on track. Listen to his game plan! Ian is your go to for the exam. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Chloé S.

Soquel, CA


Ian is hands down the best CA Real Estate exam prep instructor you will find. Do not go to anyone but him. His teaching style helps enrich you to truly master the concepts. I just took the exam today and passed on the first try. Thank you Ian!

Jason S.

Downtown Los Angeles, CA


On September 24th 2020,  I passed the real estate exam on my first try! I was equally excited and relieved since only 44% of examinees pass on the first try.  Yes, I studied like a mad man but because of Ian's straight forward but entertaining teaching style helped me tremendously.  His way of communicating complex concepts through real life experiences made the difference.  Don't fall for memorizing answers to certain questions but have a good grasp of the concepts and you won't go wrong.  Although I don't know my test score, I believe I got 100%. Thanks Ian for getting me through!!!

Mark W.

Simi Valley, CA


If you've made it this far and are looking at Ian's Yelp page, look no further and contact him immediately. I initially watched Ian's crash course videos online, and I cannot tell you how important this was to my success in passing the Real Estate Licensing Exam on my first try. Ian has a gift for bringing the material to life using personal anecdotes and real life examples that truly teach you the concepts rather than just highlighting individual facts, so you can apply that knowledge to the questions on the test. I had tried another prep course via zoom that was so dry and just didn't compare. I decided to do a 2 hour session with Ian the day before my exam just to solidify my knowledge. He is a great guy and wicked smart. I was probably over prepared for my test because of Ian!

Michelle P.

Westlake Village, CA


Updated Review: I passed!!! Couldn't have done it without you Ian!

Emily T.

Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA


I met with Ian for his crash course and then met him one on one for a session. All I have to say is the way he taught me made me understand all of the concepts so well and I'm so lucky to have been taught by him. Thank you Ian!!!!!

Shana T.

Los Angeles, CA


Ian is an amazing guy who truly knows what he's talking about. You can tell he genuinely cares about his clients and I'm so thankful for all that he's done for me! I'm going to take my real estate exam soon and I can't wait to get my results with all his help! Thank you Ian!

Emily T.

Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA


Ian, I took the exam today and got 100%!*

If you want to pass your salesperson exam on your first try, invest in Ian's crash course. After taking his CA Realty Training's State Exam Crash Course Webinar and studying the given material, I felt really prepared and confident. Ian tells you exactly what to focus on and look out for in the prep course. He also shares a lot of invaluable industry knowledge and advice. And I already know that I'm going to be asking for his help when I apply for the broker exam in 2 years.

*Disclaimer: The exam is qualifying in nature, so the DRE doesn't release an actual score, but to find out how I got 100%, take Ian's course 😉

Flo S.

Pasadena, CA


Ian is wonderful! If you want to pass your exam the first time hire Ian! There are questions on the exam that are not covered in the books and Ian prepared me for everything! I would not have passed the exam without his tutoring. He teaches in a way that makes the material easy to understand and remember. He is patient & kind. I also love how much he loves his family, He's a great teacher and a great guy! I highly recommend him!

Samantha A.

Beverly Hills, CA


Folks, Ian Medina hands down is the absolute best real estate crash course instructor/tutor there is. You will thank yourself for your intelligence in making the choice to go with Ian. His command of real estate knowledge is frankly astounding. He is literally a walking real estate encyclopedia, a dictionary, and a captivating story teller which is based on his wealth of real estate experience. Ladies and gents it's up to you. I did not have time and money to waste. I did it right the first time and aced my real estate exam on the first try. Thank you Ian.

Richard N.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


If I can give Ian 100 stars I would. I was taking my real estate exam and not passing. I knew something must be done. I had heard about this tutor from heaven named Ian Medina who everyone passes post taking his tutoring sessions. I was thrilled! I called and sure enough the man was as smart as legend made him out to be. Ian tutored me for four hours and I passed my exam. He is kind, sweet and absolutely brilliant. The man is like a walking real estate encyclopedia AND he mentally is an amazing coach. Makes you focus and encouraging. I HIGHLY recommend Ian as a tutor. Get in there and get it done. Thank you Ian you are a blessing. I will definitely be sending more students his way.

Noha L.

Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA


I took a crash course with Ian and passed my brokers exam on the first try! His wealth of knowledge and ability to provide concepts of studying utilizing examples related to the topic, made me understand the curriculum better. Ian is engaging and has patience with his students to ensure that they understand the material, not just memorize the test questions. Ian kept me engaged and encouraged me throughout the entire crash course. I highly recommend taking Ian's crash course.

Kimberly S.

Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA


Ian Medina is simply the best, the very best! I had private tutoring with him as well as one day in group session and def wouldn't have passed without his classes… He is so passionate about his knowledge and illustrates all you need to know with examples that makes it all so much easier to understand study and remember… I recommend Ian Medina to every one who wants to get into real estate.

Katia V.

Oakland, CA


Ian Medina is an incredible teacher! He has the experience, the confidence, the expertise, and most of all, a sense of humor that was really helpful when taking the crash course.

Not only did he provide a thorough outline of key concepts to study, he shared stories and examples that I still remember (and will no doubt remember throughout my career). Also, he provided helpful test taking tips and strategies that helped me pass the exam the first time.

Ian's crash course is more like a boot camp that will inspire you to succeed; it will ignite your best study habits and sharpen your test taking skills. I highly recommend it.

Joe B.

South Pasadena, CA


Ian Medina is a wonderful instructor and amazing storyteller. I passed my real estate licensing exam on June 6th, 2019 in one try thanks to The CA Realty School but most importantly thanks to Ian's great humor, stories and examples and amazing knowledge. All the examples Ian provided during the course kept coming up in my mind as I read the questions on the test.

Just beware that the last chapter (Chapter 10. Business Opportunities) is only two minutes long and there isn't enough information there to take the quiz for that chapter so you will have to do some research on your own.

Aranza B.

Camarillo, CA


Ian Medina is a "MUST" if you are planning on taking a Real Estate Licensing Exam. I just passed my CA Salesperson's License Exam and I was exhausted from studying but I was elated. Ian Medina was the second call I made from my car on the way home from La Palma, the exam testing location. I wanted to thank him so called and he answered immediately. I had taken Exam prep courses a few years ago sponsored by Keller William's, and everyone in the classes spoke of Ian Medina's Crash Courses as a "must take" to guarantee passing. Unfortunately, I had to put things on hold for a while and was worried about how much I would remember.

When I finally decided to go for my license about a month ago, I enrolled and took Ian's Exam Prep Crash Course online. We had never met but his prowess as in instructor was so skillful and the magnitude of his personality so great that I felt as though I knew him. It's hard to explain and honestly, you need to take his course to understand this.

Ian is beyond knowledgeable, experienced and up to date, but more so he conveys an insight into the concepts behind the curriculum. This makes understanding the complexities and history behind the regulations and questions almost more important than memorizing every single word of them, which is impossible.

As I took his course online, I felt a kinship to him, like a colleague, friend and also a mentor; Ian wants you to pass. He knows the business of Real Estate inside and out and offers some hints, clever memory tricks and deep insights into passing, including the whole mindset behind the testing environment and experience.
His voice was engrained in my memory offering positive reinforcement as I studied and prepared.

"The number one reason, people fail the exam is stress, says Medina". Take his course and reduce your stress and anxiety level.

It felt incredible opening up the folded paper test results after I left the building and reading:

"CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully passed your real estate Salespersons license examination."

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Ian Medina.

Marco C.

West Hollywood, CA


Ian saved me. I was really scared of taking this exam and didn't know if I was even studying the right things for the broker exam. As it turns out, I was not. He put me at ease and got me studying the correct things. He teaches with examples and stories so that you can remember the things you're learning instead of just trying to memorize a whole bunch of random data that doesn't make sense that I would have forgotten. So whether you are taking your real estate exam, or your broker's exam, I do not recommend you test without seeing him first! It is totally worth it! He genuinely cares. In addition to the tutoring sessions, he even let me ask some last-minute questions I was unsure of the day before my exam. Thanks for everything Ian!

Deb O.

Anaheim, CA


Ian is AMAZING! California Real Estate Tutors and Ian are the best in the business. I did principals, practice and law online. Ian tutored me using Skype for each course. Passed all of them on the first go around! He is awesome and covers everything you need to know and eliminates what you do not need. Submitted my certificates to the Department of Real Estate and finally got my approval to take my examination. I took a crash course which helped a little bit but was not enough. The instructor was not any good and only stood in front of the class and said you need to know this and you need to know that. Waste of valuable study time and money! The majority of what you have to learn in principals, practice and law is not even on the examination. Contacted Ian and he tutored me before my examination, giving me examples, which made the confusing material super easy to understand. You have to know the concepts to pass... not just questions and answers. I took my examination today and passed! Thanks to Ian, I felt so confident and ready going in, I think there were only a couple of questions I was unsure about! I could literally hear Ian's voice in my brain while taking the examination and thought I even chuckled out loud a few times!! Wow! I was the first one to finish and leave! Ian's tutoring really works!! Now understand help like this does not come cheap. Forget about everything else and what you know or think you know and let him tutor you and you will pass. Thanks Ian, I am so grateful. There is no way I could not have done this without you! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Wish I could give you 10 stars!

Karen D.

San Francisco, CA


Passed the exam on the first try!! Thanks to Ian Medina's crash course!! If you are planning on taking the California Real Estate Licensee exam, I highly recommend Ian Medina's crash course!! There are not enough words to describe how much I learned in Ian's crash course. Ian teaches the concepts that every licensee should understand verses a bunch of random facts and figures. Ian makes sure that his students grasp the concepts and to fully understand and retain what they learn. This proved to be very helpful while I was taking the state exam.

Christine A.

Brentwood, CA


Exams have never come easy to me. However, I just passed the State Exam on May 9/19. I did the two day online crash course with Ian and his tutoring and tips about the exam and process were invaluable. I really struggled at the start of my actual exam but practiced some of his techniques, even left the exam room, gathered myself, and was able to really pull through. His help with key words and explaining terms in more simplistic and meaningful ways really helped with understanding how to actually answer the questions and cut through the nonsense. I am so very grateful Ian. have brokerage interview soon. could have not passed without you!! Best wishes Cliff Renfrew.

Clifford R.

Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Ian Medina excels in effectively communicating the State of California Department of Real Estate curriculum. Mr. Medina has a wealth of information and real life experiences that he presents in such a way that doesn't make the material confusing or complicated to understand. I can't emphasize this enough, but you need to understand the real estate concepts in order to pass the state exam. Mr. Medina's ability to expound on his real life experiences made it very easy for me to understand and absorb the information. Mr. Medina is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable in the real estate field. Thanks to Mr. Medina, I was able to pass the state exam on my first attempt.

Thank you

Robert G.

Bakersfield, CA


I passed my exam easily and confidently after attending the crash course ON April 13th and April 14th. The material was superbly presented inside a bound booklet. My teacher IAN MEDINA was outstanding. Mr. Medina led two full days of active teaching, covering the topics clearly and methodically with plenty of examples to solidify the concepts. The study tips developed by Mr. Medina allowed me to learn and master complex principles rapidly. Mr. Medina is a true talent. His commitment and professionalism were remarkable. He is a motivator and leader. He gave out his cell number and actually picked up my call when contacted after hours. I wish all teachers were like Mr. Medina, his genuine desire to see his students succeed was reflected in his passion for the subject. He made it fun at times but also challenging when necessary. I cannot thank you enough. You deserve the highest possible rating, all my expectations were exceeded in every way. There is no better feeling that walking into the exam knowing you will be better prepared after this course. Lastly, Mr. Medina's creates a positive environment where real learning occurs.

Nick P.

Toronto, Canada


Friendly, Knowledgeable and Approachable

Mr. Medina is a very intelligent person who knows more than just how to pass the California realty exam. He will present the material in a way that applies to real-life scenarios so it will be much easier to understand.

Thank you

Doaa H.

Bakersfield, CA


OMG! I have been studying for almost a year and was just not getting it. I took Ian's class and passed the exam on the first try the very next day. Ian's training was not one of those that you memorize only to pass the exam. his method leaves knowledge that I will never forget. Ian's class is all you need to pass the exam... His professionalism, enthusiasm and experience provides you with the concepts that you need to pass. Thank you so much Ian. I couldn't have done it without you!

Donna M.

Los Angeles, CA


Let me tell you, if you need to pass your real estate exam, look no further. Ian Medina is your guy. Don't over stress. Don't over study. Don't argue with me. Just learn from him and pay attention and I guarantee you will pass your real estate tests with no problems. One of best teachers I have ever studied under. And he's a great guy as well!

Central San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

Nolan N.


Ian is the best of the best! When I signed up online I paid for both the online & in person crash course. Here's what I did - I went to Ian's 2 day crash course which was amazing!!!! And then I also watched two courses each night online after I took the in person crash course (which are also taught by Ian). After completing both the in person and online crash courses I took the exam. Not only did I pass, but I was the first one done with my test. He is a wealth of knowledge, but most importantly he knows how to teach! He taught us all of the tricks to pass the test, and so many clever ways to actually remember what you were being taught. He's not only an amazing teacher, but just an awesome person in general. Funny, personable, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone preparing to take their real estate exam.

Thanks again Ian!!!!!

Sarah D.

Fox Hills, Culver City, CA


I took Ian's crash course over a weekend a couple of days before taking the salesperson exam. He is a terrific teacher, provides real life examples from his own career and highlights topics often asked on the exam. If you take his class, there's a very strong likelihood you'll pass the exam. I strongly recommend.

Chris G.

Beverly Hills, CA


Thank you Ian for your all your help. Great time with you for this last two days.

Thank you for all your suggestion. Love to get more information from you in future to go in this market. Usually I prefer not to leave feedback for any one. But this class its one of the life changing opportunity. I suggest every one should take this class & with Ian smooth as Like A (hot) Knife Through Butter. Thank you lot for changing my life. It was your suggestion that I will pass. Love your class.

Raini K.

Glendale, CA


Took A real estate crash course led by Ian and passed my real estate license on the first time! He's really great, his stories are funny and he has a huge personality. I was consistently remembering everything he spoke about throughout my test. Additionally out of the 150 there were literally only two questions out of all 150 that he did not cover throughout the crash course. He's an excellent teacher, easy to remember his context, and he doesn't just have you memorize his content. He helps you grasp the concepts so that your able to apply them to questions testing you at different angles.

Eliezer Y.

Lancaster, CA


Everything possibly positive about this man is true! I am so thankful I took this course, Ian you are the man!

Cloud Soul J.

Moreno Valley, CA


I highly recommend Ian Medina class and tutoring services for the real estate salesperson examination! He provided a unique and memorable situation or story to each concept on the test. I took his class on the weekend and took the test on Tuesday and PASSED!

Kabir K.

Beverly Hills, CA


This guy knows his stuff and he's very passionate. A successful real estate businessman and an excellent educator (this coming from a full time Professor).

Jackson S.

Long Beach, CA


I just passed my broker exam! Ian Medina is a great tutor! I highly recommend having a session with him in order to grasp all of the information you need to know to pass the test. I have taken crash courses in the past however it's not enough. Ian walked me through every step and gave me examples of how important the information and detail was and how to remember it on the test. He is a great motivator and very informative. Ian focuses on the material and subjects not the questions. Overall great source to use !!!

Rosemary D.

Yorba Linda, CA


So I passed took me a couple times. Oh well, right at least I kept at it and passed. COULD NOT have done it without Ian's tutoring. I did school just about 2 years ago and then just two weeks ago did a crash course that was helpful but not helpful enough. I saw everyone say get into Ian's crash course but I didn't and a failed. But I called him up and he had a super busy week and found time for me. Which meant a lot because I have been studying and didn't want to loose my focus I have a baby girl so it's easy. The tutoring really helped me remember and figure out the stuff that was not clicking. And explained to me how to go through the test for the way I individually learn. The next day I passed my test. He knows real estate inside and out. Thank you again!

Brittany G.

Porter Ranch, CA


Mr. Medina knows real estate inside and out. I took his crash course, as well as tutored with him. He's knowledgeable, funny, and keeps the momentum going so you're enjoying the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get a better grasp of real estate and to prepare for the exam. Thank you again Mr. Medina, I couldn't have passed my exam without you!

Rebecca G.

Los Angeles, CA


Ian Medina! Amazing!

I attended the Salesperson Prep Course this past weekend and Ian Medina was the instructor and exceeded exceptional. Being in Real Estate already (Texas) I have had many classes however NONE EVER was more thorough, more informative and more entertaining than Ian's class. The real life examples made the information so much easier to understand and retain and as I was taking the Test yesterday his voice was at the forefront of my mind. I would recommend Ian's style of teaching to anyone - anywhere and at anytime! I left the testing site with the words that ring music to my ears - Congratulations :)))))

I passed and I know that it was because of Ian's Class. Thank you so much Ian - SoCAL get Ready!! I'm licensed :)))) If you are in taking the Salesperson Exam anytime in the future - Request Ian's class - you will pass! You will learn more about Real Estate than you'd ever imagine.

Tammy T.

San Francisco, CA


It would be a disservice to only say that Ian is the best real estate instructor, so I will list a few reasons as to why I opine he is. His mix of concrete test knowledge combined with his personal experience keep the flow of instruction running smooth and easy to digest, even for someone who is not as book smart as I. He has an appropriate sense of humor and that helps especially when dealing with topics involving racism and other social problem in real estate. He has a great command presence that is not overbearing but captivating. He gives great advice on not just how to pass the test but on how to be an ethical salesperson. Thanks Ian. You helped me pass my exam.

Albert S.

Los Angeles, CA


Ian Medina is AWESOME! I could not have asked for a better instructor to prepare me for the CA Real Estate Exam. His examples brought the material to life! The tips and strategies he gave were priceless! His passion for real estate really shines through! His encouraging words boosted my confidence. He even made himself available to answer more of my questions after our sessions. There were several questions that we discussed in class that ended up being on my exam...verbatim! He was the first person to contact me after I took the exam. I was very proud to tell him that I PASSED the exam (on my first try)! I highly recommend Ian Medina to everyone preparing for the real estate exam! Thank you, Ian, for your 5 Star instruction. It is because of your crash course that I am now a licensed real estate agent!

Mercedes J.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


Ian Medina is one of thee best instructors in the real estate world.... bar none!!! I took Ian's CA Realty Training crash course at the Keller Williams Santa Monica office for two days... 8 am to 6 pm each day... the weekend before I took my test! Ian's energizing teaching style and skills, his dynamic personalty, and his vault of knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry was one of the main reasons I passed the real estate exam on my very first time taking the test this last Thursday May 4th, 2017!

I highly recommend attending Ian's classes to anyone, anywhere, anytime!


Sandra R.

Marina Del Rey, CA

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